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Pengertian, Jenis dan Contoh Adverbial Clause

A. Pengertian Adverb Clause

Adverb Clause terdiri dari dua kata yaitu “Adverb” and “Clause”
adverb adalah : kata keterangan yang menerangkan verb (kata kerja) dan adjective (kata sifat),
clause adalah : anak kalimat.

Jadi adverb clause adalah anak kalimat yang menerangkan kata sifat dan kata kerja dan berfungsi sebagai adverb.
Adverb clause adalah terdiri dari delapan macam: seperti: Adverb clause of time, Adverb clause of place, Adverb clause of number, Adverb clause of menner, adverb clause of reanson, adverb clause of result, adverb clause of condition, dan adverb clause of contrast.

B. Rumus umum dan contoh adverb clause.

Subject + predicet + conj + subject + predicet.

Tapi bisa saja conjuntion di awal sesuai dengan kalimatnya.
- I met her when + was walking to school.
- As he was sick, he went to she doctor.
- I can’t go out because my mother is sick.

C. Jenis-Jenis Adverb Clause

1. Adverb Clause of Reanson
Adalah : sebuah anak kalimat yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan sebab atau alasan. Adverb clause of reason di awali dengan konjungsi (penghubungnya) adalah : as/ since/ because/ whereas/ on the ground that.

- Is I love you, I can do anything for you.
- Since she has a desire to marry, she discontinued her studing.
- I stopped the work because I was tired.
- Whereas I came late, My father punishet me.
- His teacher punishet him on the grand that, he came late.

2. Adverb Clause of Result
Adalah : sebuah anak kalimat yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan hasil perbuatan atau akibat. Adverb clause of result di awali dengan konjungsi so that, so + adjective + that, so + adverb + that, so.

- Nadhavi was so beautiful that I loved her at first sight.
- He studies so hard that many studienst like him.

3. Adverb Clause of Condition
Adalah : sebuah anak kalimat yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan kondisi. Adverb clause of condition di awali dengan konjungsi if/ unless/ whether/ provided that and so long as.

- If you help me, I shall be happy.
- Unless you tell her about your love, she won’t know it
- You must do this wheter, you like it or not
- I ean help you provide that you must follow my advice
- So long as you work hard, you have no problem with me

4. Adverb Clause of Contrast

Adverb Clause of Contrast adalah sebuah anak kalimat yang menerangkan bertentangan. Adverb Clause of Contrast diawali dengan konjungsi: although, eventh ough, though, whet eyer, no matter, however much, not with standing that.

a. I still no money although I worked hard
b. Eventhough hehates me, he lend me the bock
c. Though he is rice, he never give me the money
d. Whatever he has done, he is your father
e. No mather what she sald, I still love her
f. She will never succed however much he may try
g. He was not refreshed not with standing that he had spent 2 weeks leave

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